Fundraise: Fundraising Overview

Buds to Blossoms provides you with great fundraising tools and ideas so you can easily raise the funds you need to join our volunteer program. Contact us anytime to request a fundraising webpage that enables your supporters to make credit/debit card donations. Then visit our Resources and Downloads page to get fundraising materials like template letters for requesting donations and donation request cards you can personalize and print. Use our designs or download photos from our past programs to make your own fundraising ads.

Most volunteers meet or surpass their fundraising goals. Find out how you can too.

Buds to Blossoms is the kind of program that many people are happy to support with whatever donation amount they can afford, if asked. The key to fundraising successfully is to make as many personal requests for donations as possible. Read our advice on Who to Ask for Support.

Fundraising is not only about asking for something. It's also about giving something valuable in return. Asking others to help make it possible for you to participate in the Buds to Blossoms Volunteer Program gives them an opportunity to get involved in helping children in need and to enrich their own lives in the process.

Make sure you read the Fundraising Groundrules and contact us to request a fundraising webpage before starting your fundraiser. Once you start fundraising, your webpage will display the names of the people who contribute to your fundraiser.