Budget Calculator

Before selecting an airfare amount below, use flight booking websites to research typical round-trip airfares from your point of origin to the city where the program will be held for the dates you plan to join.
Before selecting a lodging cost below, use booking websites to research the cost of lodging that will meet your needs. If you're joining the program in Nepal, check the price of lodging in the Thamel neighborhood of Kathmandu. If you're joining the program in Vietnam, check the price of lodging in the Thảo Điền neighborhood of Saigon.
Before selecting a travel insurance cost below, research the price of an insurance policy that will meet your needs. You could do this by requesting a quote on the website of a travel insurance provider like World Nomads.
Before selecting a background check cost below, use the following information or other sources to research the fee for background check services in your location.

Australia: Apply for a National Police Check from the AFP.
Canada: Apply for a criminal record check from the RCMP.
UK: Submit a Subject Access Request to your local police.
USA: Request a criminal background check from your local police department or sheriff.
When selecting daily food and drink costs below, consider that the average is $15 to $30.
Before selecting an amount below, you should research the cost of a visa to enter Nepal or Vietnam for citizens of your country. Visas to Nepal typically cost US$25 to $40. Visas to Vietnam, including all associated fees, typically cost US$175 to $250 for citizens of the USA and $50 to $100 for citizens of other countries.
$40 in airport transfers will automatically be added to your budget.
You need a passport that has at least two blank pages and doesn't expire within six months of the date you plan to enter Nepal or Vietnam. If you don't have one, factor the cost of your passport application or renewal into your budget, since it will not be included in this calculation.