Volunteer: Application Form

Step 1: Complete the application form below.

This application is not a formality. Admission into the volunteer program is not automatically granted to all who apply. Responses to the essay questions in this form heavily influence admissions decisions, so take time to carefully read and give a substantial response to each of them.

Items marked * below are required. You must be 18 years of age or older to apply. An application submitted on another's behalf will not be accepted.

Each week of the program, team meetings are held during which participants can share and discuss experiences, feelings, challenges and questions that have come up. The meetings offer team members opportunities to learn from and connect with each other.
Smoking isn't allowed during program activities, so on some days smokers may have to go from morning to evening without a cigarette. Will you be able to accept and adapt to these restrictions?
Please do not complete this section of the application until you have read about the costs of joining the volunteer program.
Major program-related costs for which you will be responsible include your participation fee, airfares, lodging, travel insurance, background check and visa. These costs will add up to between one thousand and several thousand US dollars. Buds to Blossoms offers robust fundraising support to volunteers who wish to fundraise to cover these costs. Please indicate below whether you intend to cover these costs by fundraising, paying out of pocket, or both, or indicate if you're not comfortable being responsible for these costs.
Buds to Blossoms provides financial aid to every volunteer who requests it. Financial aid is in effect a discount that reduces your participation fee, so that volunteers for whom this would be a hardship are still able to join the program. Financial aid is provided on the honor system.

Please only request financial aid if it would be impossible for you to pay or fundraise to cover the full participation fee.
Are your friends, spouse or partner hoping to join the program at the same time as you?
Please provide information below about a family member who can be contacted in case of emergency and who will not be traveling with you during the volunteer program dates for which you're applying. If you have no living family, you may give a close friend's information.

Step 2: Add us to your address book.

Now add the email addresses of the following Buds to Blossoms staff to the address book in your email program or email accounts. If you skip this step, you may not receive our reply to your application.
Les May: Lmay@budstoblossoms.org
Tamie Kikuchi: TamieK@budstoblossoms.org

Also, if you know how, edit the options or preferences of your email program or email accounts to make sure messages from the above addresses are delivered to your inbox.

When you click the button below, you will proceed to a page explaining an additional step you must take to complete your application.